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2019 News Releases

October 29th,2019
Almaden Updates Stakeholders on Permitting for the Ixtaca Project, Mexico

September 10th,2019
Almaden Updates Stakeholders on Permitting Progress for the Ixtaca Project, Mexico

September 9th,2019
Almaden appoints Dr. John Thomas as Vice President, Project Development, to oversee detailed engineering and construction of the Ixtaca Gold/Silver Deposit, Mexico

June 27th,2019
Almaden Announces Results of Annual General Meeting; Provides Update on Ixtaca Project

May 14th,2019
Almaden Minerals Ltd. Enters into Secured Gold Loan Agreement with Almadex Minerals Ltd.

April 15th,2019
Lower Court in Mexico Rules on Constitutionality of Mexican Mineral Title System and Former Claims Held by Almaden

March 19th,2019
Almaden Releases 2019 Report on Corporate Social Responsibility; Updates Permitting Process at Ixtaca

March 15th,2019
Almaden Files Form 20-F Documentation

January 24th,2019
Almaden Files Feasibility Study of the Ixtaca Gold-Silver Project, Mexico