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2017 News Releases

December 12th,2017
Almaden Announces Completion of Social Impact Assessment at Ixtaca Project

November 21st,2017
Almaden Confirms New Zone of High-Grade Mineralisation within PFS Pit Hits 1.00m of 237.00 g/t Gold Plus 232.0 g/t Silver within 38.60m of 7.92 g/t Gold and 14.9 g/t Silver (uncut)

October 31st,2017
Almaden Infill Drilling Confirms Main Ixtaca Zone, Hits 25.00m of 4.08 g/t Gold and 91.7 g/t Silver and 32.50m of 2.02 g/t Gold and 109.2 g/t Silver, all within 184.00m of 1.25 g/t Gold and 54.0 g/t Silver

August 23rd,2017
Almaden Discovers High Grade Mineralisation in a Previously Undrilled Area Outside the PFS Pit and Confirms Ixtaca North Zone Hits 10.50m of 3.54 g/t Gold plus 306.9 g/t Silver, as well as 0.70m of 22.30 g/t Gold Plus 2600.0 g/t Silver

July 18th,2017
Almaden Drills Further New High Grade Mineralisation Within and Outside PFS Pit, Hits 8.40 meters of 0.35 g/t Gold, 1035.0 g/t Silver and 8.50 meters of 1.05 g/t Gold, 511.4 g/t Silver

June 29th,2017
Almaden Announces Results of Annual General Meeting

June 1st,2017
Almaden Minerals Ltd. Closes $17.2 Million Bought Deal Private Placement

May 17th,2017
Almaden Files Pre-Feasibility Study of the Ixtaca Gold-Silver Project, Mexico

May 5th,2017
Almaden Minerals Ltd. Announces $15 Million Bought Deal Private Placement

April 3rd,2017
Almaden Reports 41% After-Tax IRR From Pre-Feasibility Study, Updated Resource and Production Target of 2019 for the Ixtaca Precious Metals Project, Mexico

March 30th,2017
Almaden Files Form 20-F Documentation

February 8th,2017
Almaden Drills Further New High Grade Mineralisation Within Gold, 117.3 g/t Silver including 4.60m of 6.68 g/t Gold and 565.4 g/t Silver

February 7th,2017
Almaden Minearls Ltd. Announces Closing of $3.4 Million Non-Brokered Private Placement

January 18th,2017
Almaden Drills Further New High Grade Mineralisation Within and Outside Amended PEA Pit, Hits 105.00m of 1.20 g/t Gold, 87.1 g/tSilver and 38.60 m of 1.08 g/t Gold and 106.2 g/t Silver