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Almaden works closely with the local community to keep them informed on how the project is developing and what the future of project will look like for the community.

Please check out our videos below to explore our commitments to open community dialogue and education

Introduction to CSR at Ixtaca

Almaden has been consulting in one way, shape or form with local people at Ixtaca since 2001. This video gives a brief overview of our activities since the beginning.

Community Consultation

Accompanied by representatives of GMI Consulting, Almaden has recently been conducting formal consultations with people in the local communities. These consultations are an extension of our efforts to describe the project and solicit questions from local people.

The feedback from these meetings is crucial in the formation of our Social Investment Plan and will help frame aspects of project and related infrastructure design.

The two videos below show some of these consultations.

Women in Mining

Almaden was pleased to host a visit by a representative of Women in Mining, Mexico, in 2018 as part of its efforts to promote training and employment opportunities for women at the Ixtaca project.

Mine Tours

To date, Almaden has taken a total of approximately 480 people, drawn from local communities, to visit 24 working mines in Mexico.

Community Dialogues

Almaden holds monthly Community Dialogues wherein community members are invited to attend discussions with experts on a diverse range of issues relating to the mining industry such as an overview of Mexican Mining Law, Human Rights and Mining, mineral processing, explosives, water in mining, risk management, and mine infrastructure

Community Interview

Here’s what community members have to say about the project.

Recent News

September 10th, 2019
Almaden Updates Stakeholders on Permitting Progress for the Ixtaca Project, Mexico
September 9th, 2019
Almaden appoints Dr. John Thomas as Vice President, Project Development, to oversee detailed engineering and construction of the Ixtaca Gold/Silver Deposit, Mexico
June 27th, 2019
Almaden Announces Results of Annual General Meeting; Provides Update on Ixtaca Project

Community Updates

Almaden hosted Women in Mining, Mexico as part of its efforts to promote training and employment opportunities for women at the Ixtaca project.

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