Community Projects


“Almaden is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities with which we work.” 
Morgan Poliquin, President of Almaden

We believe in supporting the local communities within which we work. Over the years, Almaden has been involved in many large construction projects including building and improving schools, health care facilities, and roads.

We have also invested in smaller projects like purchasing school books and computers for students and wheelchairs for adults and children with mobility issues. Also, by employing local people, Almaden invests in local economies which keeps communities together and strong.

From training, employment, and scholarships to mine tours and open community dialogues, Almaden is committed to the local communities we work with and within. Below are some of our recent community projects.



Community Initiatives

As of the Spring, 2017, Almaden had interacted with over 20,000 people from over 53 communities and 8 different states in the following ways:

  • Coordinated seven large community meetings, with total attendance at these meetings approaching 2,600 people
  • Taken a total of approximately 440 people, drawn from local communities, to visit 22 mines
  • Arranged 25 sessions for “Dialogos Transversales”, wherein community members are invited to attend discussions with experts on a diverse range of issues relating to the mining industry such as an overview of Mexican Mining Law, Human Rights and Mining, mineral processing, explosives, water in mining, risk management, and mine infrastructure
  • Opened a central community office in the town of Santa Maria Zotoltepec, which is continually open to community members and includes an anonymous suggestion box
  • Invested in a “mobile mining module” which allows company representatives to establish a temporary presence in communities more distant from the project, and allows for those interested to learn more about the project
  • Employed as many local people as possible, reaching up to 70 people drawn from 5 local communities. Almaden operates the drills used at the project, and hence can draw and train a local
  • Initiated a program of scholarships for top performing local students, with 80 scholarships granted to individuals from 23 different communities (44 women and 36 men)
  • Established several clubs, including reading, English, dancing, football, music, and theatre clubs, in order to contribute to the vitality of local communities
  • Focused on education, enabling 2,441 people to be positively impacted by our investments, such as rehabilitation of school-related infrastructure, donation of electronic equipment, and scholarships for top-performing students.

Our 19th Mine Tour

Almaden has just concluded our 19th tour of mines in Mexico. So far 380 people from the local communities around Ixtca have visited modern mines.

This last trip was particularly important, as members from Ixtaca and El Cobre came with us. It was a very successful trip.

Día de Muertos

Almaden recently participated in a Day of the Dead Festival, which was attended by approximately 250 people from four different communities. Almaden representatives, along with teachers in the communities organized a Day of the Dead play, as well as traditional dancing activities.

Presentation of Scholarships to Local Students

On Tuesday September 22, 2015, Almaden representatives presented an additional 15 local students with academic scholarships. Almaden has now awarded a total of 40 scholarships to local students.

The students are from 12 local communities, and are pursuing training in law, psychology, architecture and business administration.

All of us at Almaden wish these students continued success in their fields of study!

Opening of the Public Buildings in Santa Maria Zotoltepec

Almaden Minerals funded the building of new public washrooms, an addition to the Mother & Child health clinic, and an extra room on the elementary school in the town of Santa Maria Zotoltepec. The official opening ceremonies included a dinner and party. Duane and Morgan Poliquin attended the opening ceremonies, and Morgan cut ribbons at each venue.

Reforestation Program at the Ixtaca Zone, Tuligtic Project

Almaden has initiated a reforestation programs around the drill sites on the Ixtaca Zone. The plants selected for the program are three varieties of indigenous pine. Four men from the local community have been employed for the planting, which was timed to the beginning of the rainy season to ensure successful planting. The text and images below explain the process and ongoing work.

The reforestation program is intended to benefit the people living in the community of Santa Maria Zotoltepec. The increased awareness of the conservation and importance of indigineous plants. The project has also given income to eleven people from the community, who had no fixed means of income.

Training and equipping staff: Local men were hired to carry out the reforestation program. Training focussed on sensitivity to the project, caring for the environment, and the importance of wearing protective equipment.

Selection of species: The selection of species for reforestation program was based on the type of vegetation found in the project area, in this case three species of indigenous pine.

Corner Hill Nursery Sebastopol, Aquixtla, Puebla

Transporting the seedlings

Site preparation: the seedlings were planted on a grid system. Organic fertisizers acquired from the Jacarandas Garden Centre were added to the soil to ensure a nutrient rich base for the seedlings.

Planting was timed to the beginning of the rainy season in June to ensure the best possible start for the seedlings.

Almaden Sponsors the Wheelchair Foundation

In cooperation with the Wheelchair Foundation, Almaden helped sponsor the purchase of over 260 wheelchairs, which were distributed in Puebla, Veracruz, and Oaxaca States in April 2012.

The Wheelchair Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization with a goal to provide a free wheelchair to every child, teen and adult worldwide who needs one, but has no means to acquire one. To date, they have distributed over 900,000 wheelchairs worldwide.

Almaden’s Chairman and President, Duane and Morgan Poliquin, were in Puebla for the presentation. Please visit our blog for more images from the Wheelchair Foundation’s presentation ceremony.

Recent News

September 10th, 2019
Almaden Updates Stakeholders on Permitting Progress for the Ixtaca Project, Mexico
September 9th, 2019
Almaden appoints Dr. John Thomas as Vice President, Project Development, to oversee detailed engineering and construction of the Ixtaca Gold/Silver Deposit, Mexico
June 27th, 2019
Almaden Announces Results of Annual General Meeting; Provides Update on Ixtaca Project

Community Updates

Almaden hosted Women in Mining, Mexico as part of its efforts to promote training and employment opportunities for women at the Ixtaca project.

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