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Welcome Laurence!

We are very pleased to welcome Laurence Morris to the Almaden Team as Vice President of Projects and Operations at Ixtaca.

Laurence has proven many times that he has special skills in mine startups, including projects both larger and much more complex than Almaden’s Ixtaca gold silver project. Over the period ahead, Laurence will handle the ongoing planning and development of Ixtaca from the project’s current stage through permitting and commissioning. This will include forming the organization and teams to build and run the operations.

Almaden and its stakeholders have an exciting time ahead!



Community Meeting and Celebration!

On December 10th, 2017, Almaden held the 8th of its ongoing large-scale community meetings. During the meeting, Almaden explained the Ixtaca Pre-Feasibility Study mine plan to over 700 community members and their families.

After the meeting, Almaden’s Chairman, President and the project team enjoyed our end of year celebration and meal with the community. We are thankful to all for a great 2017 and look forward to an even better 2018!



Almaden’s Community Outreach

What follows is an excerpt from Section 1.16 of our PFS report, which is available at We thought our shareholders would be interested in re-reading it:

Open, transparent communications with stakeholders has been fundamental to Almaden’s approach since staking the original Tuglitic claims in 2001. Over  the past several years,Almaden has interacted with over 20,000 people from over 53 communities and 8 different states in the following ways:

  • Coordinated seven large community meetings, with total attendance at these meetings approaching 2,600 people
  • Taken approximately 440 people, drawn from local communities, to visit 22 mines (as of today’s date this is now 470 people to 23 mines)
  • Arranged 25 sessions of “Dialogos Transversales”, wherein community members are invited to attend discussions with experts on a diverse range of issues relating to the mining industry such as an overview of Mexican Mining Law, Human Rights and Mining, mineral processing, explosives, water in mining, risk management and mine infrastructure amongst other things
  • Opened a central community office in the town of Santa Maria Zotoltepec, which is continually open to community members and includes an anonymous suggestion box
  • Invested in a “mobile mining module” which allows company representatives to establish a temporary presence in communities more distant from the project and allows for those interested to learn more about the project.
  • Employed as many local people as possible, reaching up to 70 people drawn fron 5 local communities. Almaden operates the drills used at the project and hence can draw and train a local workforce as opposed to bringing in external contractors
  • Initiated a program of scholarships for top performing local students, with 80 scholarships granted to date to individuals from 23 different communities ( 44 women and 36 men) (as of today’s date this is now 100 scholarships to 57 women and 43 men)
  • Established several clubs, including English, reading, dancing, football, music and theatre clubs, to contribute to the vitality of local communities.
  • Focused on education, enabling 2,441 people to be positively impacted by our investments, such as rehabilitation of school related infrastructure, donation of electronic equipment, and scholarships.

Positive impacts to socio-economy of the region are expected to continue as the Project is developed. Almaden plans to continue to provide an open, respectful and safe environment for dialogue and communication with the communities concerning the project and to discuss the realistic expectations of any proposed mining operation and the social impacts of such a development.

Moving the Mill

Preparations are well underway for moving the mill being purchased for the Ixtaca Project. The mill is in Nome, Alaska and it will be shipped to the Port of Vera Cruz in Mexico, and then to Ixtaca.

We have contracted Dynamic Engineering Services Inc. to handle this big move; they are specialists in moving mine plants. Their crew has been at the plant site near Nome most of the last summer planning and dismantling and disconnecting machinery in preparation for the move. Everything is carefully labelled during disassembly, to be ready for reassembling. Something like a Lego project!

About 50 containers will be needed to ship the more sensitive dismantled parts, such as control panels. While looking for the right containers we have learned a lot about them. For instance there are different types and sizes, and some have resealable lids that come off to add more materials.

It was important to get the containers up to Nome so they will be available when Dynamic returns to continue their work in the Spring, at this point we have stopped work for the Winter as the Port of Nome freezes over.

A road survey has been carried out from the port in Veracruz to the Ixtaca project to determine the best route, where there are no overhead or other obstacles for large machinery. There will be more updates on in this important project.

From the Chairman: An Update on Moving the Mill

Preparations are well underway for moving the mill, which is being purchased for the Ixtaca Project from Nome to the port of Vera Cruz in Mexico.

We have contracted Dynamic Engineering Services Inc. to handle this big move; they are specialists in moving mine plants. A crew has been at the plant site near Nome planning and preparing for the move next year. A lot of containers will be needed to ship the more sensitive dismantled parts, such as control panels. They are not available in Nome and we want them available first thing in the spring of 2018. Being so far north, the port in Nome freezes over during the winter so it is better to get them in place before freeze up.

Some containers have already been shipped and the rest have been assembled in Vancouver and Seattle and are being trucked to a freight yard in Tacoma from where they are barged to Nome on the last barge of the season.

In organizing this, we have learned far more about containers than we ever thought of, some have lids that come off to drop stuff in and then reseal etc. there are many different sizes and so on.

Recent News

October 29th, 2019
Almaden Updates Stakeholders on Permitting for the Ixtaca Project, Mexico
September 10th, 2019
Almaden Updates Stakeholders on Permitting Progress for the Ixtaca Project, Mexico
September 9th, 2019
Almaden appoints Dr. John Thomas as Vice President, Project Development, to oversee detailed engineering and construction of the Ixtaca Gold/Silver Deposit, Mexico

Community Updates

Almaden hosted Women in Mining, Mexico as part of its efforts to promote training and employment opportunities for women at the Ixtaca project.

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