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April 15th, 2015

Almaden has been using highly portable drill rigs on the Ixtaca property.  The drills are small and can be broken down into pieces and easily moved in to steep or difficult terrain.  Smaller, man-portable drills also have a very low environmental impact, as we rarely need to build access roads or drill pads.

We have four Hydracore 2000 drills that can go 660+ meters with NQ, and 300+ meters with HQ.  We also have a Zynex A5, which is bigger and skid-mounted but can go 2,000 meters HQ. We have a full inventory of spare parts and an excellent, full-time all-around hydraulic and diesel mechanic on staff. 

The Ixtaca project is quite mountainous, and the drilling conditions have been challenging.  Our drill team has dealt with the terrain very successfully and drilled nearly 150,000 meters in the last four years. 

We really value the competence and professionalism of our drillers and support staff.  All are Mexican nationals and have been with us for years.  We appreciate all their hard work and dedication to the Ixtaca project.   



April 5th, 2015

Almaden has helped the local soccer team purchase their uniforms. They called themselves Atlético Mineiro Minera Gorrión. 

Ixtaca Soccer TeamIxtaca Soccer Team



January 22nd, 2015

In December 2014, The Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME BC) announced the 2014 recipients of its annual awards presented to individuals or teams for significant contributions to the mineral exploration and development industry.

We are pleased to write that Duane and Morgan Poliquin were awarded the Colin Spence Award for excellence in global mineral exploration. Almaden's father and son team is being recognized particularly for its roles in the recent discovery and advancement of the Ixtaca gold-silver deposit for Almaden Minerals Ltd. at its Tuligtic property in eastern Mexico. This is one of the most significant greenfield discoveries of recent times, following several years of diligent research and exploration efforts focused on an underexplored area.

The AME BC Awards Celebration of Excellence Gala will be held at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, January 27, 2015 during Mineral Exploration Roundup in Ballroom C/D at the Vancouver Convention Centre West. Tickets are available through registration at



November 19th, 2014

The local primary school toured the Ixtaca site in November along with members of the press. The kids enjoyed themselves, and the parents and teachers were informed on the project's advancement. In the next week, we will be taking a Guanajuato Tour to Mina Bolañitos from Endevour Silver. People from Tuligtic, Zacatepec, Santa María and fourcivil servants from the Municipio are coming with us, as well as some crucial jueces de paz from different communities. Will keep you updated. 



September 24th, 2014: New Vice President of Corporate Development

Almaden is extremely pleased to announce that Doug McDonald is joining us as Vice President of Corporate Development.

Doug McDonald will work with Almaden’s growing team to lead our global corporate development activities, including institutional shareholder relations, capital market strategy and corporate development opportunities.

Doug brings 18 years of investment banking, corporate merger and acquisition, venture capital, foreign trade and resource policy experience to Almaden.  He previously served as Vice President of Investment Banking for Salman Partners Inc. where he advised senior management teams on mergers and acquisitions and acted as lead banker on corporate finance transactions. Doug’s experience will be invaluable to Almaden, particularly at a time when Almaden anticipates significant growth. 

Welcome Doug!


August 12th, 2014

Almaden is pleased to announced that Heather Kidd, our irreplaceable databased manager, has returned from her honeymoon. She married Martin Núñez in July. The couple met while working in Mongolia. Congratulations Heather!


  July 21th, 2014: Summer Reading  

Many of us will find time for a holiday this summer.  If you’re like me, you’ll be looking forward to sitting in a chair somewhere in the shade with a cool drink and maybe a nice view and opening a good book.

Novels and whodunits are popular in my family.  I have always enjoyed Patrick Cornwell and Patrick O’Brian's historical novels which center around the Napoleonic Wars. The Napoleonic Wars were global wars. Although most battles raged through in Europe, related actions were waged in Asia and North America. The wars lasted more than a decade, but the ensuing freer world provided the economic climate that enabled the Industrial Revolution and a giant leap forward in living standards.

I’ve recently read two books on our current economic situation that are just as gripping as a Cornwell novel.  Anybody interested in gold, money or markets should read them.  They are Jim Rickards’ The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System  and Willem Middelkoop’s The Big Reset: War on Gold and the Financial Endgame.

Two books overlap some ways but they also complement each other in their perspectives on the current monetary situation. They provide more new background data than any other books on these subjects that I have read recently.

For instance, in The Big Reset, Middelkoop reports that when Manchuria was lost to the Japanese in 1931, the invaders robbed some 6,600 tons of gold from Nanking and there was a serious outflow of silver as well. The repercussions were huge, including nationalization of banks, hyperinflation to fund fight the Japanese and then the civil war. Ultimately, with savings wiped out, the impoverished population opted for Mao and the communists, and Chiang Kai-shek retreated to Taiwan with 115 tons of gold. So, would China’s history have been different with a better, precious metal based currency? Certainly the lessons are not lost on the current Chinese government. Also, Japan currently has a reported reserve of 765 tons of gold. Where did the rest go?

Anyway, fascinating stuff.  I wish you all a pleasant and prosperous summer.

Duane Poliquin,


  June 26th, 2014: Words from the Chairman  

We were extremely pleased to announce a positive Preliminary Economic Analysis (PEA) for our Ixtaxa Gold & Silver Project in April 2014. Very few projects in the world at the PEA level of development have Ixtaca’s positive features and potential, and despite the current pessimistic market conditions, we are excited by what comes next.

Over my forty years in mineral exploration, I have been through many good market/bad market cycles. I firmly believe that this cycle is now on its way up, but pessimism still prevails. A change from the negativity and low mining and exploration stock prices will probably have to wait for a convincing upward move in the gold price or gold’s purchasing power. The debate over whether central bank tinkering will result in inflation (as they want) or deflation (that they surely don’t want) is still unresolved, and investors everywhere are caught trying to predict the future. Either way, once the direction becomes clear, gold and gold stocks should do very well.

Most people accept that gold should rise as inflation takes hold. We should remember that, during the deflationary period of the 1930s, the US government revalued gold upward by 40% to stabilize things. So, during the Great Depression, gold stocks did extremely well and gold mining boomed. Old miners I knew who worked at the gold mines of Kirkland Lake in the 1930s told me that  men lined up outside the mine gates hoping for work and the working miners would save some of their lunch to give these fellows as they went home from their shift. My own uncle had a farm in the drought stricken prairies and to feed his family he worked in a gold mine in Republic, Washington.

Almaden’s shareholders and other stakeholders such as the local community have an outstanding asset in the Ixtaca project. We will continue advancing it in anticipation of coming events.



Remembering Jim McInnes


Jim McInnes passed away last week after a long illness.  He was a director of Almaden since its IPO until he retired in 2013. Jim was a friend of many years. He had an outstanding career as a mining industry lawyer, with degrees in both geology and law. Our sympathies go out to his family.  He will be missed by all of us at Almaden.   


  October 9th, 2013: Words from the Chairman  

I attended the Denver Gold Forum again this year while our President, Morgan Poliquin, gave the keynote talk on North American discoveries at the Society of Exploration Geologists conference in Whistler, BC.

I was pleased to see the Denver conference was well attended, even with current lower gold and silver prices. Tim Woods, who runs the conference, told me that a lot of attendees were from generalist funds who were looking for the first time at this underpriced sector.

Besides the talks, the Denver Forum is designed around small temporary meeting rooms setup in a large ballroom. Each little room is about 9 foot square with a table and four chairs. For several months before the forum, parties interested in your company can schedule one-on-one meetings. There is also a reception where exploration companies such as ours an interface more informally with attendees.

After a number of such meetings, I was able to find time to hear talks by some of the larger producing companies. Frankly, I was appalled. All these talks were very similar and, if you hadn’t heard the name at the start, you had a hard time telling which company was presenting. The talks were all about cutting costs, especially exploration costs, and returning to better management practices. I never heard a word about expansion or seeking new projects to build into mines and replace declining production. Nearly two hundred years ago Nathanial Rothschild said “buy when there is blood in the streets.” Well, they look pretty bloody to me. Surely this is the time to be aggressive.

Many of the exploration companies attending the conference were also glum, mainly because of low stock prices and the difficulty in raising money in our current economic climate. But I remain incredibly confident about the potential and future development of the Ixtaca project as well as Almaden's other exciting prospects. We are well funded and still busy with four drills which continue to bring up great results.

On another front, we had been thinking about presenting our story to European investors this fall, but today a friend in Zurich sent an e-mail saying not to bother because of the current pessimism. However, none of the problems that governments around the world have created for themselves are any nearer to solution than when they started with printing money. Maybe people are just getting used to perpetual crisis and thinking this is normal so everything is must be ok. Our goal remains to keep advancing the Ixtaca project so that when these moods and markets change, as they must, Almaden shareholders will be ready with one of the most advanced gold silver projects anywhere.



August 18th, 2013: Words from the Chairman


Almaden had a booth at the Agora Investment Conference in Vancouver again this year.  Many of our valued shareholders attended, which made the conference a great contact point and a great opportunity to chat, hear their news, and update them on our projects.  

Our booth was very close to the speaking hall so I was able to listen in on several good talks by experts in the field of knowledge.  One particularly interesting session was by Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, who gave a great, matter-of-fact talk on the current state of currencies compared to each other and gold. He discussed the debate of inflation versus deflation. I guess any of us who have filled our car with gasoline or gone shopping for groceries knows there is inflation. Equally, I suppose anyone selling a house in some parts of the USA knows there is deflation. Rickards pointed out that there is a kind of tug of between the two – in net effect one cancels the other, for now at least. I got the impression that Rickards thinks inflation will probably win. He said the USA is trying to lower the value of the dollar to make imports more expensive.  But other governments are also competitively devaluing, creating a sort of race to the bottom.  One of his predictions that made me perk up was that governments will eventually have to reconnect with gold within the next five years and at a much higher price than we have currently.

Other talks were in the same vein of thinking and I came away feeling that we are in the eye of the hurricane with more problems to come.  It is confusing because many companies (outside mining) are doing well or very well, but every government in the world is deep in debt with no clear way out. Mining companies and the industry as a whole are in a tough spot.  But this will turn around.  It has to because it is still true that “if you don’t grow it, you gotta mine it.” As mining-friendly countries get fewer and old mines are depleted, new deposits in favourable jurisdictions will become more far more valuable.

As always please keep in touch with us.

Duane Poliquin, Chairman.




August 2nd, 2013: Summer Reforestation Program

Almaden runs a number of summer courses and tours for children at the Ixtaca property. Below are some images from the reforestation programme.

Ixtaca Reforestation

Ixtaca Reforestation




June 26th, 2013: Wheelchair Distribution

Ixtaca Wheelchairs

For the second year running, Duane and Morgan participated in the Wheelchair Foundation's distribution of wheelchairs in Puebla.  The Wheelchair Foundation is a charitable foundation which to date has distributed 933,924 wheelchairs worldwide.  This year, we were priviledged to support the Wheelchair Foundation's first delivery of special pediatric wheelchairs. It was a wonderful and emotional day. For more information, please visit the Foundation's website



June 19th, 2013: Rally at Ixtaca!

Local residents, employees and their families from the local townships around the Ixtaca Project held a rally in support of the current exploration! Almaden’s management and shareholders are committed to working in sympathy with the environment and with the communities. We truly appreciate the show of support in these difficult financial times as Almaden continues to develop this project.

Ixtaca Rally

Ixtaca Rally

Ixtaca Rally



June 11th, 2013: Observing the Weather at Ixtaca

A new weather station on the Ixtaca Zone. The weather station measures temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and precipitation.  Understanding this current and long term data helps us understand the environment and enables us to minimize our environmental impact as we plan our future progress on the property.


May 8th, 2013: Field Trip for Ixtaca Residents

Almaden organised a field trip for local Ixtaca residents to see an operating mine and to discuss its impact with the residents of that mine area. Duane Poliquin commented  “because there has not been any recent mining in the Ixtaca area, we felt it was important for people to see an operating mine first hand rather than rely on heresay.  It was a great and enjoyable experience for all who participated.”



April 6th, 2013: The Globe and Mail names Almaden as one of five Prospect Generators

In The Globe and Mail's weekend Globe Investor from Saturday, April 6th, David Aston named Almaden Minerals as one of "Five Explorers with Potential." Aston's article focusses on the advantages of investing in prospect generators, and Almaden is at the top of his list of exploration companies that "may give you a better chance of hitting pay dirt." Aston refers to several notable analysts who follow mineral exploration and quotes Adrian Day as saying “with 6 to 10 prospector generators you can have exposure to 5 to 100 projects over several years which can dramatically increase your odds of success.”  Wise words.

Duane Poliquin, Almaden's Chairman, responded: “It is very gratifying to see our long term business plan understood and appreciated.  Our prospecting in Eastern Mexico generated the Caballo Blanco gold deposit and the Ixtaca gold silver deposit. Discovery of these resources proves the potential of this new mineral district identified by our efforts.  We have discovered and staked several more prospects in the district and these will be explored by us or partners in the near future."

To read the article: And make sure to click on the Infographics for more information.



March 19th, 2013: Laptops for Students!

Almaden Laptops

Almaden Minerals has donated laptops to students in the local area. Rusbelt Salvador on behalf of Minera Gorrion, Almaden's subsidiary operating the Ixtaca Zone program, was on hand. Four students received computors. Antonio Lobato López from El tecnológico University Ixtacamaxtitlán, Dolores Lizbeth Fernández López from Vicente Suarez primary school. She got the first place in the zone about a test she took called ENLACE. Diana Posadas Marreros from Cuahuigtic and And José Emilio Sánchez Sánchez.



March 4th, 2013: Update from the PDAC

The PDAC is in full swing and the Almaden team has been busy. Having a booth in the Investors Exchange acts as a local office for the duration of the conference. People who want to meet with us know where to find us, look at maps, banners and data and get or give the information needed. Heather was a prime contact at the booth while Morgan, Korm and I went to various meetings with mining companies, funds, brokers, and other investors. It was gratifying to meet many shareholders at the booth and go over our recently released  Ixtaca resource estimate. The banners showing the geometry of the  deposit and a banner that is a blowup of the news release itself were of special interest to many. The conference ends Wednesday and Morgan and I will hold meetings on Thursday in Toronto and New York on Friday.



January 31st, 2013: Core Shack

Morgan, Daniel, and Heather at the Core Shack at Round Up in Vancouver.

Almaden Minerals