Almaden's Environmental Responsibility


Almaden's Corporate and Environmental Responsibility

We work hard to build sustainable development that results in long-term prosperous relationships.
--Morgan Poliquin, President & CEO
For over thirty years, Almaden has operated responsible mineral exploration in North America. We are committed to environmental stewardship and believe that successful exploration both creates wealth and fosters lasting social benefits. We work hard to build sustainable development that results in long-term prosperous relationships.

Almaden manages its exploration programs in harmony with the surrounding communities.  We aspire to make a positive social difference where we live and work.  By supporting and financing projects that come from local groups, educating and employing local people, and respecting the culture, property, and individuality of each community’s needs, Almaden is committed to improving the quality of life in communities we work with and within.

Please visit our Community Projects to read more about our community projects.

Almaden purchased school textbooks for students.

Almaden's commitments:

  • We will work to earn the trust of all people we interact with, whether they are our employees, the communities around which we operate, the governments that host us, or any other persons with whom we are involved in the sustainable development of mineral resources.

  • We will inform our communities in a timely, inclusive, honest, transparent, and culturally appropriate way throughout the life of a project.

  • We will pursue sustainable health, education, and local infrastructure improvements in the areas we operate.


  • We will emphasize local employment, provide opportunity for skills transfer and personal and professional growth, and support community based projects that can make a positive difference to the lives, traditions, and cultures of local people.

  • We will maintain a safe and healthy workplace and interact with our employees on the basis of mutual respect, fairness and integrity.

  • We will respect the rule of law and seek voluntary, mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

  • We will meet or exceed industry standards for environmental protection, following the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which we operate.



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